Get tired of your feet at Australia's largest open-air market

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere at the Australian market Salamanca, where Hobart's historic, creative and cultural beats take place every week!
Once a place for sailors, whale hunters and workers, Salamanca Market in Australia is  now home to a vibrant cultural scene. Visit on Saturday and mingle with locals and tourists at the bustling Salamanca market, or find a seat in one of the stylish cafes and gaze around ...

An introduction to the Australian market of Salamanca

Salamanca Market Australia is Tasmania's most visited tourist destination award-winning market and is one of the largest outdoor markets in all of Australia. This iconic traditional Saturday market brings Hobart's waterfront the vibrancy of all senses.
In a vibrant cultural commercial atmosphere, more than 300 stalls have been built here since sunrise, where local handicrafts include Tasmanian wooden housewares, exclusive clothing and jewelry.

Explore Salamanca Market AustraliaMore than 300 stalls at the market

The scent of the new Huon Pine blend with the rich sounds of roasted coffee as the vendors prepare it from their stalls. Salamanca Market Australia with cultural and artistic excitement. Try some local fruits and vegetables as you wander through the bustling stalls. Visit nearby galleries, cafes, craft shops, restaurants and bars during your trip.
If you visit during the summer months, cool off with a traditional ginger beer. For the colder months, enjoy a bowl of tempura mushrooms with wasabi mayo.
The Salamanca Market in Hobart City is  open every Saturday (except Christmas or Anzac day when the market is held on Sundays), rainy or sunny, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Markets are only canceled during inclement weather. You should get there as early as possible to avoid crowds (around 8:30 or 9am), as things start around 10-10:30 or so. For those who arrive late, the market starts to drop at around 2pm and closes at 3pm, so make sure to arrive before closing time.
If you can, bring cash! While most places will accept cards, sometimes cashing is just getting easier. There are a few ATMs around the area, check the map to find the one closest to you
Bring your own bag or basket or pick up a reusable tote bag at the newsstand. The team at the Salamanca market is actively making the market as sustainable as possible so most places don't offer plastic bags.
How to get there: Australia's Salamanca Market  is a cobblestone square at Sullivans Cove, on the waterfront of Hobart, a five-minute walk from the city center.

Things to do near the Australian market of Salamanca

See a show at the Peacock Theater

Watch an intimate show at the famous Peacock Theater, located in a historic quarry in the Salamanca Arts Center. Drama goers can enjoy an evening of music, dance, film or comedy in this small but lively venue. If you're there on a Friday night, make sure to drop by the arts center courtyard later for jazz and swing music.

Lunch at Maldini

Salamanca Market Australia  is known for its sandstone heritage buildings. Those who enjoy watching the bustling streets and watching passersby will enjoy sitting under umbrellas in the outdoor seating area of ​​the Maldini restaurant. It's the perfect place to enjoy coffee, lunch, beer or wine and get around - especially on a day with the busy Salamanca market. The Maldini is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner - seven days a week and serves Tasmanian wines.
Whether you're one of the lucky ones living in Tasmania or you're just coming for a trip to Australia , stop by this traditional Australian open-air market on Saturday mornings. Extremely interesting, is all you need to know!
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