Trekking Dinh Mountain in Vung Tau has a dreamy view and beautiful sightseeing

Temporarily leave the waves or the crowded check-in points of the coastal city to come to the journey to explore Dinh Mountain in Vung Tau to explore the mysterious green nature.

About Mount Dinh Vung Tau

Nui Dinh was a famous revolutionary base in Chau Thanh district during the resistance war years. The name of Nui Dinh originates with the flight from Phu Yen to Ba Ria - Vung Tau by captain Yen Thanh Hau. This mountain is chosen by the soldiers to be the place to build the army camp, witnesses to so many heroic history through fierce resistance wars to regain independence for this place as well as the South of the country. 

Mount Dinh Vung Tau - an important revolutionary basePhoto: @ nhi31589

Not only famous during the years of resistance, with the highest mountainous terrain of 500 meters. Surrounded by lush greenery forests, murmuring streams, trails and attractions with unique architecture. Mount Dinh is not only a tourist destination but also a place to have beautiful nature hiking trekking experiences.

When is the best time to come to Mount Dinh?

The road to Mount Dinh Vung Tau is convenient and not too far from the center, so it is very suitable for you to explore and free or weekend. In general, you can go to this place any time you want. However, because of the mountainous terrain there are spots that are quite difficult to go and slippery if it rains. Therefore, it is best to choose days when the weather is dry, sunny, and convenient, and the view is also more beautiful.

Guide the way to Dinh Mountain

Located 80km from Saigon, 35km from Vung Tau city center. Choice comes from the city center. Ho Chi Minh has 2 routes for you to choose from.
- Going in the direction of Vung Tau intersection : running straight through Saigon Bridge and Hanoi Highway to go to Vung Tau intersection. Here you turn right to enter Highway 51 then continue straight, you will meet the road to Dinh mountain on the left hand side, which is the road next to Kim Hai parish.
- Going towards Cat Lai ferry: you will go in the direction from Mai Chi Tho through Van Cong dong and Nguyen Thi Dinh street to Cat Lai ferry. Passing the ferry, you continue to go straight to DT 769, pass Nhon Trach Industrial Park, when you see NH 51, turn right and continue straight to Dinh Mountain. 
From NH 51 to the foot of the mountain will take about 6km, the way to Mount Dinh Vung Tau has many straight and easy concrete roads. But there are also winding dirt roads that are difficult to go, if you do not continue, turn on the dirt road on the right to the intersection and you will meet a water shop to park the car. Then start the climbing journey, but don't worry because the slope isn't too high or difficult.

Impressive green beauty on Dinh Mountain

This mountain has an area of ​​about 60 km2, possessing nature is considered extremely unique. There is a mountain scene along with the site of temples that forms an impressive Buddhist culture. The charming mountain scenery, when reaching the top of the mountain, let your soul into the vast space and enjoy the things that only here has to offer. It is a peaceful song, the perfect combination of the sound of cascading waterfalls, the sound of the wind whistling with branches and leaves and splashing in the pure pagoda bell space.
Zoom out into the distance to see the field below, the white stream flowing like a silk strip down from the mountain. Vung Tau tourism experience, this place is also the ideal place to watch the sunset with a cold, fuzzy mist. Walking around the mountain or following the winding forest path shady trees. Climb over rocks, go to sleep, cook cooking under the forest canopy, ... are unforgettable memories with this green mountain. 

Famous sights here

In addition to the magnificent nature, coming to Dinh Mountain, you will visit and relax in the beautiful architecture temples with pure space under the canopy of ancient trees. Learn about and come to important revolutionary historical relics of Vung Tau during the resistance war, ...

Hang Mai Pagoda

The pagoda was built in the 30s of the last century and has witnessed many ups and downs of bombs, though being destroyed, but is an important surviving witness. Currently the temple has been remodeled more spaciously to welcome tourists to visit. The pagoda is close to the top of Mount Dinh in Vung Tau , shaded by trees, cool and peaceful. So this place is the destination of trekking below and check in for beautiful photos.
Not only that, get lost in a peaceful place to admire Tam The Buddha, watch a 10-ton Buddha statue. Everything is too peaceful for you to feel relaxed. It is a suitable place to find quiet moments, dispel fatigue and the pressures of everyday life. The road to the temple is now quite easy to go, only a little red dirt road, walking on it can feel the beauty around and take beautiful pictures. 

Hang Mai

After visiting the temple, just go a few hundred meters to reach Hang Mai. This was formerly the living, working and hiding place of the soldiers and soldiers during the resistance war against the French and American colonialists. The terrain is like a valley. Due to the destruction of many wars, there are only a few ruins left, but it is also a check-in place that many people cannot ignore at Dinh Mountain in Vung Tau . 

Western Temple

It is one of the temples that makes up the famous Buddhist culture of Nui Dinh with the oldest architecture. Come to visit the unique design, take pictures and play with the friendly monkeys living around the temple. And especially, do not forget to worship Buddha and pray for peace for yourself and your family because the Western pagoda that is passed on by everyone is very sacred. 

The Peak of the Compass

La Pan Peak is actually just a large rock rising on top of a mountain, but in ancient times this was the place where the US army made the helipad. The path to this point is difficult to find due to the overgrown trees, but getting to a place where the feeling of relaxation will make you forget all about fatigue. Not only that, this is also one of the places to see Vung Tau city from above and the area of ​​Long Son peninsula impressive below. If you have time, try camping overnight with your friends here to watch the stars or hunt for sunsets and sunrises with "1 no 2" extremely interesting. 

Visiting Suoi Tien - Suoi Da

These are 2 streams flowing from upstream and downstream of Nui Dinh. The scene of streams is flowing, in harmony with the beautiful green nature. After mountain trekking, getting tired, stop here to wade into the cool water to relax and rest. The whispering sound in the ear along with the cool air makes you just want to stop here forever to watch the mountains. 

To the Safari resort

Safari Nui Dinh Vung Tau is a new place opened recently but has attracted a large number of tourists both at home and abroad. Airy space with leaf huts located on the river are decorated with flowers. Where you and your family immerse in the fresh space, admire the scenery with romantic view and check in for yourself unforgettable beautiful “virtual living” pictures.
Besides, coming to this tourist area, guests can also immerse themselves in the cool swimming pool in the romantic and majestic mountain space. Experience canoeing along the river, sightseeing, playing games. Lovely design, nature-friendly materials and activities become a big plus. Do not forget to come here to feel the true relaxation in the midst of thousands. 

Buddhist Temple

Ancient temple, solemnly located deep in the valley is hidden under the cover of mountains and forests. Going down many stairs is to reach a quiet and pure space. Every year, this place attracts a large number of tourists when traveling to Vung Tau as well as people coming to visit, visit and participate in important activities of the temple. Especially, on holidays, Tet, Vu Lan announces filial piety, Buddha's birthday, ... 

Suggest a place to rest, eat and drink on Dinh Mountain

- Where to rest : besides Safari resort, to Dinh Mountain Vung Tau  also has many places to stay for you to choose. From hotels to motels, resorts, ... all affordable prices. Typically: Lotus Phu My resort, Nemo Hotel, Olala Homestay, ...  or camping on the top of the mountain.
- Where to eat : the eateries near Nui Dinh are not too luxurious but inclined to be close to affordable prices. If you do not bring food first, you can also visit some restaurants and eateries that are highly appreciated by many people such as: Hue beef noodle 7 tons, Moc Son mountain cuisine, Truc seafood restaurant, ...

Some note when climbing

- Because there are few and more expensive shops on Dinh Mountain, Vung Tau, it is best to prepare snacks and drinks to take at home to use when needed. 
- The road has many bad sections, so pay attention to go slowly and carefully. Pay attention to signs and directions so you don't go wrong and don't forget to go in groups to avoid getting lost, especially at night. 
- Before going, remember to apply or spray to fight insects and mosquitoes. Carry wind oil, bandages to prevent possible injuries. 
- On the way to visit, there are huts built on the banks of the stream for tourists to rest. You can rent in there to eat, drink, rest before continuing the journey. 
- If you want to camp overnight, you can rent tents and furniture at the foot of the mountain, the price is also reasonable. Note that when burning or cooking food carefully so that the fire does not spread around and only burn in the prescribed place. 
Journey to and conquering Mount Dinh Vung Tau always contains fascinating things. Although the road is difficult sometimes, but for nature lovers, trekking and sightseeing, this is a very interesting trip. Don't forget to experience the experience when you have the opportunity to come to this coastal city!
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