Top 7 most popular hotels in the coastal city of Vung Tau

Are you looking for a beautiful Vung Tau hotel, good price for your upcoming trip? Then the following recommended accommodations are sure to be great suggestions.
One of the things that people are most interested in when traveling to Vung Tau is choosing a quality accommodation with good prices. This city has an extremely rich and diverse system of motels and hotels, meeting all the relaxation needs of visitors. And in this article, we will suggest to you the list of most beautiful and favorite Vung Tau hotels .

1 - The Imperial Hotel Vung Tau

The Imperial Hotel is one of the luxury Vung Tau hotels  located in Back Beach - the most beautiful beach in the coastal city of Vung Tau. This hotel impresses all visitors at first sight by its European classical architecture that looks like a magnificent and magnificent castle.
The Imperial Hotel Vung Tau has a total of 144 rooms. The interior of each room is extremely luxurious and classy, ​​with the main emphasis lying on the elegant wood-framed walls. As a 5-star hotel in Vung Tau, so certainly indispensable with the most modern amenities such as: Wifi, smart TV, air conditioning, GYM room, Massage and especially a beautiful swimming pool.

The Imperial Hotel Vung Tau - Beautiful Vung Tau Hotel is the most popularThe Imperial Hotel Vung Tau

The Imperial Hotel has all 4 luxury restaurants, serving a variety of Asian and European dishes, giving visitors a variety of choices. Along with that is a very favorable location, making your travel to the famous places of Vung Tau the most convenient.


2 - Pullman Vung Tau Hotel

The next name to appear on the list of beautiful Vung Tau hotels is Pullman Vung Tau. This is a 5-star hotel, providing guests with excellent resort services with a luxurious restaurant, a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, GYM room, spa, bar and a poetic private beach. 
Pullman Vung Tau hotel is also impressed by its extremely special architecture. The most prominent is the conference area designed like a giant egg, with a golden dome prominent in the bustling coastal city of Vung Tau.


3 - Lan Rung Resort & Spa

If you are looking for a luxury and classy sea ​​view Vung Tau hotel , Lan Rung Resort & Spa will definitely be a great suggestion for you. This hotel was built in 2008 in the style of ancient European architecture.
Lan Rung Resort & Spa has 72 rooms in all. All have spacious and airy areas, luxurious, modern furniture and classy amenities. This place also owns a beautiful oceanfront swimming pool so that visitors can comfortably swim and admire the poetic and lyrical sea scenery of Vung Tau.
Besides, when staying at Lan Rung Resort & Spa hotel, you can also experience many other services such as massage, Spa, GYM, private beach bath and enjoy delicious and attractive dishes at the area. 


4 - Alma Oasis Long Hai

Coming to Vung Tau Alma Oasis Long Hai Hotel, you will feel like you are coming to the Greek tourist paradise of Santorini. The hotel stands out with two tones of blue and white combined with sophistication and artistry.
Alma Oasis Long Hai has not only won many awards for the design and architecture of the world, but also owns extremely classy services. With so many advantages, it is not difficult to understand that Alma Oasis Long Hai is always on the list of the most famous and favorite Vung Tau hotels .

Alma Oasis Long Hai- Beautiful Vung Tau Hotel is the most popularAlma Oasis Long Hai will help you pocket your checked-in pictures for life


5 - Ngoc Hanh Beach

Ngoc Hanh Beach is also one of the Vung Tau hotels near the sea that many tourists choose thanks to its modern architecture, classy service and extremely reasonable prices. Staying at this hotel, you only take less than 5 minutes to walk to the sea. Every morning, just wake up and open the window and you will admire the romantic and poetic sunrise on the beach.


6 - DIC Star Hotel

DIC Star Hotel is a very famous 4-star Vung Tau hotel , chosen by many visitors when having the opportunity to come to this beautiful coastal city. The hotel is located near Back Beach so you only need a few minutes walk to reach the sea.
DIC Star Hotel has 3 types of rooms for you to choose from: Standard, Deluxe and DIC Suite. All are fully equipped with modern amenities, class, fully meet all the needs of visitors. Besides, the hotel also provides many other convenient services such as karaoke room, massage & spa area, bar, restaurant, ...

7 - Green Vung Tau

For those travelers who have little money but still want a 3-star Vung Tau hotel with good price, Green Vung Tau will definitely be the ideal choice. The hotel is located in a prime location, very close to the sea, market, and convenient for travel.
Green Vung Tau has 50 rooms of international 3-star standard, with full modern amenities, spacious and comfortable area. Not only has a luxurious resting space, the hotel also has a cozy restaurant area where you can enjoy extremely quality 3-region specialties at reasonable prices.
Above are some beautiful Vung Tau hotels with good prices we would recommend. Hope that will help you find an ideal place to stay in your upcoming Vung Tau travel .
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