Explore the stunning crystal castle on Australia's Byron Bay

The Shambhala Garden and the crystal mansion in Byron Bay Australia are like a world on their own and you instantly feel at peace as you enter the gate.
Located deep in the hinterland of Byron Bay is  a crystal castle and Shambhala garden with unique natural beauty. Over 30 years of exploitation have turned this unique property into a tranquil and stunning landscape with lush tropical rain forests, colorful flowers, gods and many beautiful crystal crystals. The crystal castle in Byron Bay Australia offers an enchanting getaway and a spiritual spot worth admiring.

The crystal castle in Australia Byron Bay

The crystal castle in Byron Bay AustraliaBeautiful bamboo avenue

Lotus cafe

The lotus cafe is shaped like an open-air house surrounded by lush rain forests and tropical gardens. There is a large patio overlooking two of the tallest crystals in the world where you can sit down, relax and enjoy some delicious vegetarian dishes made with local products. In addition to an array of green dishes, they also serve on-site baked goods, a selection of fresh juices and smoothies, and unsweetened ice cream. While there are no Australian dishes , this cafe is a different culinary experience.
To reduce their carbon footprint and expand their organic product range, the crystal mansion in Byron Bay Australia  created their own garden from which they harvest fresh produce every day. They also use natural sugars and unprocessed sugar substitutes in all fresh dishes.

Shambhala Garden

The enchanting Shambhala Gardens are sub-tropical gardens with stunning views filled with treasures and delightful surprises in every corner. In the garden you will find giant statues, ancient geodesic, fossils and rare crystals, some dating back about 500 million years.
You can walk for hours and still discover some new treasures hidden in lush foliage. Spending some time in this healing sanctuary will make you feel energized and at peace. While walking here you are fortunate to encounter koalas hanging from the tops of trees.
If you want a more in-depth experience, you can join the Shambhala Gardens Tour at  the crystal castle in Byron Bay Australia.

Buddha Walk

The Buddha's walking path is a unique half-kilometer path offering breathtaking views of the lush countryside. The nearly 4 meter high Buddha statue, surrounded by rose quartz and a stunning mosaic art, is one of the most astonishing parts of the crystal castle in Australia Byron Bay.
All the large statues in the garden are hand-carved from volcanic rock from Gunung Merapi, the same rock used to carve the famous Buddhist temple Borobudur in Java Island, Indonesia. In addition to the Buddha, there are also statues depicting various deities such as Lakshmi, Ganesh, Garuda and Vishnu.
As you walk through the garden, you will find that people have started offering coins to the statues. The offerings were sent to a Tibetan kindergarten in Northern India to help preserve Tibetan culture.


If you need insight, you can walk in the maze, also known as a walkway of spiritual reflection that allows you to quietly meditate. You can start holding on to a specific question and while on the road towards the center, be open to spiritual guidance and the answer is supposed to come to you.
In the center of the maze created in 2000, there is a life design flower made up of rose quartz. Here you can stop to admire this unique masterpiece. This design is based on a design resembling the famous maze in the Chartres Cathedral near Paris, which was built around 1200.

World peace stupa

At the Australian Bay Crystal Castle,   if you walk towards the Kalachakra Stupa you will feel an unexpected calm. The majestic structure and all the beautiful colors amaze you. It is said that the mere sight of a stūpa will inspire compassion, kindness, and ultimately good karma to come to you.
The Kalachakra Stupa is a rare relic unrelated to events in the life of the Buddha but was instead created to protect against negative energies and restore balance to the earth in turbulent times. It is the only stupa in the southern hemisphere and one of the only seven stupas in the world. The Tibetans believe that you can greatly benefit from walking clockwise around the Stupa.
In some parts of the hotel, you will find Tibetan prayer flags made of rectangular fabric of various colors. They are native to the Himalayas where they are often found strung along trails and high mountain peaks to bless the surrounding countryside.

Enchanted cave

The Enchanted Cave in  the Australian Bay of Byron Bay , a giant quartz block, is the most spectacular sight. It is about 5.5 meters wide, weighs more than 20,000 kg and the purple color is breathtaking. It was created in northern Uruguay more than 120 million years ago through pressure, heat and the presence of iron. Naren - the founder of the Crystal Castle and his daughter brought it to Australia to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Crystal Castle. This is the largest amethyst cave ever found in the world.
If you feel the need to clear your mind, you can place a guided meditation session inside the cave for up to four people.

Dragon eggs

Don't worry if you are unable to experience the meditation experience in the Enchanted Cave, you will still have a chance to sit in an amethyst cave. The second giant quartz block of the crystal castle in Byron Bay , also known as the Dragon's Egg, weighs around 10 tons and the perfect dark purple makes for extremely rare. You might have to stand in line and wait for your turn to sit in it, but it certainly has value and it's free.

Crystal Guardians

A pair of the world's tallest geodes named Crystal Crystal Guardians' are displayed in a prime location just in front of Lotus Café. Standing proudly at a height of 5.5 meters. Standing in front of these two natural wonders, you can admire the view of the rolling hills ahead.
The geodes, which are delicate specimens of smoky quartz with a hint of amethyst flowers and calcite, have traveled everywhere from a remote location in Uruguay that resembles two amethyst caves.

The path of acupressure

Round reflexology pathways have been created using pebbles to massage your feet as you walk on them. In the middle, there is a large Rose Quartz crystal that opens up the heart chakras for unconditional love and positive energy. It is one of the most important gems for relaxation and healing and it has been used in love rituals and rituals for centuries.
Acupressure is a therapy that relieves stress and induces deep relaxation while balancing the body's systems by stimulating different points on the feet that correspond to specific parts of the body. Step on the pebbles feels really good to massage your feet.

Crystal & souvenir shop

If you love crystals, you won't be able to resist the sparkle, beautiful colors, and interesting shapes. They have all the crystals you can think of of all shapes and sizes: polished, carved figurines, jewelry and even monolithic crystals.
A free experience is offered to visitors every day. Shambala Garden Tour, Music of Plants ... Participating in these experiences is a great way to learn and immerse yourself in all that the Crystal Castle in Australia Byron Bay has to offer. The Crystal Castle is open daily from 10am to 5pm and you should arrive as early as possible because you will most likely want to spend at least half a day wandering around the beautiful grounds.
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