The Stanthorpe Australian travel experiences in the summer

Discover Stanthorpe travel experiences in summer - breathtaking countryside, vast skies with prehistoric granite rocks!
Stanthorpe  is known for its natural beauty, great cuisine, and countless opportunities to relax and recharge. A friendly town in southern Queensland, Stanthorpe is the perfect weekend getaway and a great addition to any road trip. Although it is often considered the ideal fall and winter getaway, it is actually a great place for a spring or summer vacation. Long summer days full of sunshine and blue skies in sight, with much milder weather than the always humid Queensland coastline. To help you plan your own amazing trip, here are the best Stanthorpe summer travel experiences !

1. Picking strawberries at Ashbern Farms

Head to Ashbern Farms, a 6-minute drive from Stanthorpe and spend an hour or so picking fresh strawberries yourself! The cafe here serves delicious dishes including strawberry parfait, milkshakes and waffles so you can sit for a while after your picking adventure and enjoy snacks as well as a cup of coffee. This activity will be perfect for families or just those who love strawberries and experience an authentic farm in Queensland Australia .

Stanthorpe travel experiences in summerAshbern Farms

2. Tours & bicycle rental to Granite belt

Get to know the local area by joining a guided bicycle tour to the Granite Belt. There are a variety of tours to choose from depending on what you want to see, how far you want to go, how long you have and your budget. The tour is very flexible, so if you find yourself a bit tired and need a break, you can hop on the accompanying van. If you want to do your own tour, you can rent a bike, get directions on the Stanthorpe attraction or map it up and start your day of adventure.

3. Girraween National Park

Stanthorpe travel experience in the summer. Another is spending a few hours, half or even days exploring Girraween National Park! There are many great routes to choose from, depending on how long you want to spend, what you want to see and your fitness level. Walking trails such as Granite Arch are beautiful and easy, taking only about 30 minutes or so to complete and guarantee you will wander through some of the famous giant granite boulders in the area. If you need more challenges, the "Pyramid" covers some rather steep terrain and will take about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete. Upon reaching the summit, you will enjoy a stunning view of the area and great photo opportunities. If walking in nature isn't your thing, then the park is a great spot to enjoy morning tea,

4. Guided tour of the winery

The Granite Belt Region is renowned for its excellent winemaking, so make full use of all that is offered with a guided winery tour. Experiencing Stanthorpe travel this summer has the benefit of being transported to great local places and buying the best wines. There are a number of different vendors that offer regional tours, so be sure to check to find a tour that perfectly meets your needs.

5. Explore the town of Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe has a fascinating history so it's worth taking the time to wander through town at some point. Remember the historic buildings and stunning street art that record the vibrant history of Stanthorpe. You might love visiting the local pub for a cold beer and lunch at the classic Queensland country pub! There are some lovely little shops and a few souvenir shops as well as some cafes, bakeries and good food stalls are also worth a try.

6. Go to the market on the mountain

Markets are always a great idea to experience more than one new destination! You may want to plan your visit to Market in the Mountains, which is held on the second Sunday of the month, and other special days predefined. The market showcases the best of the area including delicious food, fresh produce, handicrafts, gifts, organic produce, plants ... This is a  meaningful Stanthorpe travel experience.
If you have extra time to drive in the area, there are countless great spots to stop by including cafes and makers of delicious food like jam, preservatives, cheese, chocolate, etc will spot them as you drive around and will want more time searching for things you love.
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