The charming beauty of Lausanne Switzerland - Europe's most famous academic city

Along with the famous Geneva, Zurich and Basel, the Swiss city of Lausanne is also the destination that many tourists choose when traveling to this beautiful country.

The best time to visit the Swiss city of Lausanne

Before planning a trip to Lausanne , the first thing that you should find out is the best time to visit this city. Like many other Swiss tourist destinations in particular and in Europe in general, each season in the city of Lausanne brings a different beauty and you can choose to come here at any time that suits the schedule. 

However, according to the experience of many tourists, the romantic early autumn days are the ideal time to come to Lausanne. What is more interesting than walking through the streets when the weather is cold, with yellow leaves flying over the ancient streets and sometimes there is a sudden early rain falling.
The empty autumn sky makes the overall landscape of the city somewhat deeper and slower. Enjoy the gentle sunlight shining down on you and do not forget to walk through the ancient castles in the city. It can be said that traveling to Lausanne Switzerland in mild weather that leaves many aftertaste and emotions will be an unforgettable experience for any visitor.

Attractive destinations of Lausanne Switzerland

The Swiss city of Lausanne embraces the heart of Léman Lake (a lake located in central Europe, partly over France), stretching with vineyards, natural pine forests, man-made forests and plains. picturesque country grass.

The charming beauty of Lausanne SwitzerlandLake Léman and Ouchy port are the most attractive tourist destinations in Switzerland.

The city of Lausanne is built on three hills, with undulating houses, creating a gray line between the green of the trees, the white of the snow, the pink of flowers ... creating a beautiful natural picture. As the country of charming Lucerne, the fairy tale village of Bettmeralp, the village of Iseltwald in the hit movie 'Landing where you', the Swiss love nature and have built countless large and beautiful parks like Mon-Repos, Montbenon, Milan, botanical garden and many others.
1. Lake Léman and Ouchy port - destination not to be missed in Lausanne Switzerland
Traveling to Switzerland is a dream journey of many tourists, especially those who have fallen in love with the high mountains and snowy valleys located between the capital Bern, the beautiful town of Zermatt, Interlaken, known to the world. 

Switzerland is also a country that owns many beautiful lakes such as Blausee, Thunersee, Brienzersee and the famous Leman Lake of Lausanne.
When visiting Leman Lake, visitors will see firsthand images representing the country and Swiss culture: from the wine villages, the snow high mountains of the Alps, the city shimmering At night, no matter how thick the snow is, it won't lose the warmth radiating from the lights and the fireplace. Besides that, there were bells ringing with the image of cows getting drunk and meeting grass in the vast fields. Also, do not forget to take a walk to visit the castle in the middle of the romantic forest. All these attractive destinations will give visitors the most relaxing and peaceful moments.
The best time to walk around Lake Léman is around 3pm. Because this is the time when the lake scenery appears the most peaceful and poetic, the charm of this place makes many visitors bewildered. It can be said that Lake Léman is the pride and pride of the Swiss people, although up to half of the lake is divided in half with France. Especially around the lake there are many administrative buildings with flags of more than 100 different countries. This hostile scene offers a new perspective for many tourists.
After enjoying all the beauty of Leman Lake, visitors can also admire the impressive mountains with color changes according to certain times of day. Looking around, you will feel picturesque villages and towns with an ingenious blend of natural and human colors, modern activities and past monuments. rest.
Another interesting point is that located next to the famous lake of Lausanne Switzerland is a typical symbol of this Western Central European country: a giant flower clock.
To date, the Swiss watchmaking industry has been famous all over the world. Watches are not only a tool of time or jewelry, but also a symbol of Switzerland. Therefore, the giant flower clock model built by the government on Leman Lake from 6,300 fresh flowers has become a destination not to be missed for many visitors.

2. Notre Dame Cathedral Lausanne

The city of Lausanne poetic not only has a beautiful natural landscape but also has many outstanding architectural works. Known to many as the Notre Dame Cathedral Lausanne - a typical work of Gothic architectural style. The church was built in 1170 and since then has always been on the list of the most beautiful churches in Switzerland. Not only possessing sophisticated exterior design lines, Lausanne's most beautiful church also owns 12 sculptures depicting the 12 apostles and missionaries of Christianity. Besides, another expensive point of Notre-Dame de Lausanne is the beautiful location of the project: located next to a river and next to the famous University of Lausanne. Two strong points in design and location have created a great resonance for not only one but two beautiful architectural works.

3. Olympic Museum

In addition to the above two locations, Lausanne is also famous for the Olympic Museum and many other great classical architecture. You should not miss these places when visiting Lausanne.
Here are the details and the Olympic Museum is located in Lausanne Switzerland . In 1915, the creator of Olympic sports, Count Pierre de Coubertin, came up with the idea of ​​establishing an Olympic Museum. The Olympic Museum is not only a place to keep souvenirs of the athletes from the Olympics, but it is also a symbol of the ideas of Olympic spirit.
Visitors to the museum not only see but also meditate through the objects, images and records of the Olympics. The Olympic Museum also demonstrates the role of the Olympics in modern society. It can be affirmed that this is the convergence of the quintessence of human culture because sport, art and culture are the three traditional "pillars" of the Olympic spirit in the history of the world and the museum is the training place. 
More importantly, the museum's mission is to educate the public about the true stature of the planet's biggest sporting event. By preserving Olympic images and symbols, the Olympic Museum located in Lausanne, Switzerland wants to convey the message that the Olympics are not simply a sporting event, they are Contains many profound philosophies about life.

4. The vast forests in the city

Lausanne is not a modern and techno-styled city like many other industrialized cities, but a city in the woods, or in other words, with forests in Lausanne.
This beautiful city has many vineyards, natural pine forests, man-made forests and rural grasslands. Even so, the people of Lausanne still love the green so much that they planted and planned more large and beautiful parks in the middle of the city such as Mon-Repos, Montbenon, Milan, botanical gardens and many other lush gardens. 

5. Attractive shopping

If the ancient and peaceful Swiss capital Bern has its own charm, Lausanne, Lausanne attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificence by many busy shopping areas. The city is full of international brands and Swiss watch shops are also crowded here.
The most interesting shopping districts are around the Place St François area. From this place you can also go around Rue de Bourg. In addition, the Riponne and Lausanne Flon squares are also ideal places for visitors to explore and shop in Lausanne Switzerland. When you go to these places, you will easily find exclusive clothing and shoe shops.
The suburb of Crissier with many shops west of Lausanne is also an attractive suggestion for shoppers. And the Aubonne shopping center in La Côte is the place for those who love brands but want to find discounted products because the Ikea (France) brands or many brands have stores here.

Lausanne Switzerland - Europe's famous academic city

Lausanne Switzerland is not only a beautiful city attracting tourists with breathtaking scenery, but also known as the city of academia and commerce.
Like the British city ​​of Cambridge , Lausanne Switzerland has many famous international universities and scientific centers. In addition to the prestigious Lausanne university, the city has hundreds of long-standing private language schools and institutes. From past to present, Lausanne is the convergence of many talents of the elite and nobility. In fact, the children of noble families from all over Europe are sent here to be familiar with the learning methods and discipline of Europe's leading academic environment. Lausanne is also the place to catch the eye of multinational corporations such as Philip Morris, Marlboro, Toblerone ... and is chosen as the headquarters.
In a recently published ranking of Europe's most innovative universities, Lausanne always holds many top positions. Detail:
1. University of Leuven (Belgium)
2. Royal London Academy (UK)
3. University of Cambridge (UK)
4. Ecole Polytechnique University Federale de Lausanne (EPFL - Switzerland)
5. Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Lausanne Switzerland - city of culture and sport

It is quite interesting that many tourists have discovered here that this Swiss city speaks French. Lausanne is also a vibrant young city with a variety of cultural and sporting activities.
The Swiss cultural festival or festival usually takes place in this city. Therefore, the citizens here are oriented, taught, learn about culture, art, and entertainment regularly and formally ... In parallel, physical training and sports are also appreciated and almost any Lausanne participates in at least one sport. They also established many guilds, organized professional sports and had doctors to monitor and motivate ...

Experience of travel and accommodation while traveling to Lausanne Switzerland

Switzerland is not only a famous tourist country, but also famous for its expensive costs. So you should choose the public transport systems to save maximum costs when traveling here. The good news is that the public transport system here is quite developed and extremely convenient for users to move, even for the first time. Any visitor can easily take / take public transport and see the surrounding roads.
When the weather is more favorable as well as at the best times of the day: sunset, the weather is not too cold, you should take a walk to feel the wonderful atmosphere of Lausanne Switzerland. This is both a cost-effective way and an opportunity for visitors to see the old town corners, the perfectly arranged trees, and a series of beautiful landscapes here.
Besides means of transportation, the resting place is also something that tourists should pay attention to and learn first. Here are a few outstanding and affordable hotels in Lausanne Switzerland:
IBIS Lausanne Center costs about 75 Euro / night.
Starling Hotel Lausanne: the room price is about 110 Euro / night.
Carlton Lausanne Boutique Hotel has a room price of 125 Euro / night.
Hotel De La paix has a room rate of about 135 Euro / night.
Movenpick Hotek Lausanne has a room rate of about 150 Euro / night.

Things to prepare before traveling to Lausanne

To get the most convenient and easy way to travel to Switzerland , you need to first prepare an airline ticket with Visa. Up to now, applying for a Swiss tourist visa has been considered quite difficult. Because the number of tourists visiting and settling always in Switzerland is very high, the embassy will tighten the number, especially when you do not have specific proof of financial and family ties. ,… in Viet Nam. The application for a Swiss visa you need includes:
01 photo with size 3.5 x 4.5.
1 passport (original).
1 resume with personal details.
Identity card.
Proof of your profession.
Reliable financial proof.
Visa application fee.
If you prepare all the documents, you will have a higher chance of passing a Thuy Si Tourist Visa than without one of the above documents. Your Visa application will be processed after a 2-week period.
In addition to airline tickets and Visa, you also need to prepare the attached items to avoid having to buy new items upon arrival. Especially in a country where all expenses are extremely expensive. Winter in Switzerland is very beautiful, but if you choose to come here at this time, the weather is very cold, so you need to prepare a full winter outfit to avoid heat shock when traveling here.
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