Synthesize the latest Swiss city Lucerne travel experiences

Lucerne is a city in Central Switzerland with great destinations, the following Lucerne Swiss city travel experiences will give you the most enjoyable trip!
Lucerne is located in central Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Lucerne and surrounded by the Alps with two famous mountains, Pilatus and Rigi. Surrounding the city is the crystal clear water of the Reuss River. This place attracts visitors by buildings with medieval architecture, paved streets on pavement or romantic winter atmosphere. The city of Lucerne, Switzerland, has a population of just under 60,000 and is a German-speaking part of the country.

When should you travel to Lucerne?

The best time of year to visit the Swiss city of Lucerne is during the summer months. During this time the plants are colorful, the weather is warm and the mountains are stunning. You may get a little wet from a sudden little rain, but it will pass quickly.

Experience city tour Lucerne SwitzerlandThe beauty of Lucerne Switzerland summer city

June, July and August are the peak seasons of tourism because of the perfect weather. Book a hotel and book in advance to avoid overcrowding as Lucerne is a small city.
Winter in Lucerne is very cold with loose snow. This time of year is perfect for those involved in winter sports, but for those looking to see Lucerne's splendor during the summer, this time of year is not right. The benefit of going to Lucerne in the winter is that there will be very few crowds and prices for hotels, Airbnbs and other attractions will be lower.

Travel experience in the Swiss city of Lucerne: Moving

From the popular cities: Zürich, Bern, Geneva and Basel to the Swiss city of Lucerne by train quickly and conveniently.
If you are in the city, the transportation costs will be quite low. Everything worth seeing in Lucerne is within walking distance, but if you want to tour the mountains or go to the lake for a train ride, you will have to pay for transportation around 40 to 100 GHF.
By plane: The nearest international airport is Zurich which is 50km from Lurcene and takes about an hour's drive. Right next to the airport there is a train to go to Lucerne. This is a relatively economical way to get around 30GHF.
Usually, long-distance public transport has no conductors, however at any time they can take a surprise check, especially on local trains. 

Currency & contact

Currency in Lucerne

The most popular currency in the Swiss city of Lucerne is the Franc (1 Francs Rate (CHF) ~ 1 USD) and does not use the Euro, although the Euro is still accepted in touristy cities like Zurich. and Bern, but it's best to convert it to Swiss Francs for easy travel and shopping.
You can exchange Euro currency in a local store in the tourist cities of Zurich and Bern to avoid high transaction fees at the bank.

Use wifi in Lucerne

Today, we simply cannot live without internet access. When traveling, it is a necessity especially if you are looking for the best guide or souvenirs. Wi-Fi is available in certain areas of the Swiss city of Lucerne , but this is limited to one hour of free use. 
One convenient mobile device, Pocket WiFi, can be rented and will give you unlimited internet while traveling across Europe. Simply book one online and it will be delivered to your accommodation.

Eat and drink in the Swiss city of Lucerne

Switzerland is a country with a fairly expensive life in Europe so eating out can be more expensive than other European countries, so you should consider food costs. Expect to pay more than CHF 20 per person for lunch and dinner here. Here are the dishes to try in this beautiful city
- Berner platte: If you are a meat eater, Berner platte is a great dish for you because this is a mixed meat dish. The ingredients that make up the Berner platte include a mixture of meats and sausages, beef, bacon, pork tongue, pork rolls, ribs ... are present in this dish. Not only that, in the Berner platte is also served with potatoes, salted cabbage, dried beans ...
Zurich-style veal has a rather complicated name, but in contrast, the way to cook it is quite simple. Veal or veal liver is cooked with mushrooms, wine, onions and cream. When eating this cooked veal is eaten with rosti cake, rice or noodles. If you do not like to eat veal you can also create a substitute for veal with chicken or pork is also very delicious.
Raclette is the name of a popular Swiss cheese made from cow's milk. This dish is melted by a specialized machine then covered on a mixed plate of baked potatoes (with the skin), vegetables, charcuterie (fermented meat), cucumber stomach.
- Pear cake: Made from pears of the Alps, Le cake in Lucerne city is  also known as "Swiss sweet temptation", is a famous dessert here.

Lucerne destinations

Lake Lucerne: A visit to the Swiss city of Lucerne is incomplete without a visit to Lake Lucerne (also known locally as 'Vierwaldstättersee', meaning 'The settlement of the four forests', a floating promenade provides visitors with stunning views of the lake, and leads to the attractions and sights of the old city.

Experience city tour Lucerne SwitzerlandChapel wooden bridge

Lucerne's Lion Sculpture: One of the mentioned attractions in Lucerne is undoubtedly the lion monument known as the Lucerne Lion Monument designed by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1819), and carved on the cliff face of the sandstone quarry by Lucas Ahorn (1820). It is said that the sculpture was designed to commemorate the bravery of the Swiss Guards who lost their lives in the French Revolution, in 1792.
The most famous attraction in the Swiss city of Lucerne is the Chapel wooden bridge - the oldest covered bridge in Europe, spanning the River Reuss. It is interesting that while walking on this bridge, you will admire the famous ancient paintings hanging along the two sides of the bridge. Along with the Waaseturn Water Tower located next to it, Chapel Bridge is considered an identity symbol of this city when it appears on postcards.
History buffs can visit the Swiss Transport Museum. For a beautiful panoramic view of Lucerne, you can go to Dietschiberg in the north of Lake Lucerne, or up Mount Pilatus by cable car, or to Mount Rigi. 
The old town of Lucerne is located on the right bank of the River Reuss, the old town with beautifully decorated houses in the facade depicting familiar stories from the Bible. This area is an interesting place to walk on the old streets of smooth, timeless stone, see frescoes, colorful doorways, St. Peter's Chapel with Gothic architecture.
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