Interesting idyllic island resort in Australia costs 25 million dollars

Pumpkin Queensland Island on Southern Great Barrier Reef boasts palm-shaded beaches and eco-friendly accommodations.

Interesting thing about Pumpkin island Queensland

This private resort island is located 14 kilometers from Yeppoon in central Queensland and it has been renamed XXXX island for a brewery promotion from 2012 to 2015. Its hotels are eco-friendly. Solar and wind powered schools and schools won the 2018 Australasia most sustainable hotel award.
Pumpkin Island has been for sale for the second time since 1961 and Sojourn Properties are selling the island after the acquisition of the lease in 2003. The island of 60,000 m2, in groups on the Keppel Islands reef Great Barrier Reef side Male.
Travel to Pumpkin Queensland knife, UcSunset on the island

Laureth Rumble, who owns and manages the island along with her husband, Wayne Rumble, said the new buyer will own the island under a lease that runs until 2046. "Most other island resorts are just one. She told Daily Mail Australia: "It's a beautiful place, with nice beaches all around and it's very private and secluded."
Pumpkin Queensland Island first opened its doors as a private island resort in 1964. It was leased from the brewery Castlemaine Perkins between 2012 and 2015 and renamed XXXX Island as part of an advertising campaign. XXXX Island held 3,000 contest winners for three years and was marketed as a male-only getaway. Pumpkin Island is back as one of Queensland's most sustainable tourist attractions.
The private Australian island of Pumpkin boasts five fully self-contained country-style cottage on the seaside, and guests can also reside in two bungalows with an outdoor kitchen and bathroom.
This is the first carbon-free island in Australia , powered entirely by solar and wind energy and offsets 150% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions. The island also features a two-story observation building, a helipad, a bar lounge area, a children's playground, a individually built 36-person catamaran and two anchored boats. This property allows owners and guests to whack oysters on the island rocks by themselves.

Travel guide to Pumpkin island

Pumpkin Queensland Island is a tropical dream destination along the picturesque Queensland coast. Beautiful coastal houses, hidden coves and sparkling waters await. Spend the day in and out of the water, basking in the warm sunlight then watching the sunset radiate dazzling shades of orange, yellow, blue, and pink. It was a chance to escape the mainland and into the rhythm of island life.
The Pumpkin Island Express will take you from the mainland to the tropical escape! Remember, you will need to book a transfer with your accommodation reservation. While planning your trip, it is advisable to check the boat's schedule to ensure that you will have ample time to get to / from the airport. The latest boat schedules and additional information on arrival to the island are available on the website, the transfer process takes approximately 45 minutes.

How to experience the surrounding area?

Pumpkin Queensland Island is absolutely breathtaking and part of the region has so much to offer. If you're planning on going somewhere near the island, you might want to spend some time in Rockhampton - where you can explore heritage buildings and immerse yourself in the country atmosphere at the Great Western Hotel. Relax and rest in Yeppoon, home to the beautiful Yeppoon lagoon, stunning street art, and loads of great restaurants and cafes. Drive to Carnarvon Gorge for an adventure into the Australian jungle, discovering inspiring natural beauty and local wildlife. Take a journey through the Gemfields, stopping in Queensland's rural towns like Emerald, Anakie, Rubyvale and Sapphire, where you can search for gems.
A huge part of all that makes this area so special is its people, stories, landscape and history. From the picturesque coast of Arab o Pumpkin Queensland to moss-covered rocks of the canyon Carnarvon ... well worth planning an adventure allows you to experience this part of the world great gender.

Travel to Pumpkin Queensland knife, UcThere aren't many recreational activities on the island

Accommodation on the island

This is an island and a resort! There are a number of different accommodation types to choose from and what type of accommodation you go to will depend on the number of people in your group and the type of accommodation you desire.
'Coral Cove', a beautiful small coastal house located steps from coral reefs and coral lagoons. The house is equipped with kitchen and full bathroom, Queen size bed. There's a great outdoor area where you spend most of your time cooking, enjoying the sea breeze and the view and dining, although there's also a living room inside.
Other accommodation types include the chic 'Pebble Point' country house and the 'Tropical Tides, Coco Pine and Oyster Box' style house. There's also Ocean Breeze and Island View Bungalows, which offer a more glamping style experience (where beautiful nature is combined with modern luxury). Remember that there is a minimum overnight stay requirement for all accommodation types.
One thing to note is Arab o Pumpkin Queensland does not have a restaurant, so you will need to decide in advance what you will do for food. Your accommodation is fully equipped with a great kitchen and everything you need to prepare delicious meals so you can stop by in Rockhampton or Yeppoon to pick up groceries before moving to the island.
Time here moves at a different pace and with no cars, restaurants, crowded streets or even many people, you are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Swimming in the Southern Great Barrier Reef is ideal for activity here, so explore as many different beaches around the island as possible. Commuting is easy, you don't even really need shoes, just follow the network of paths connecting the different corners of the island and make sure not to wander into anyone else's little house or bungalow . Take a dip to swim wherever you like, lying on the sand or under a tree with a good book and just immerse yourself in the magic of Arab o Pumpkin Queensland.

Travel to Pumpkin Queensland knife, UcThe island also has unspoiled beaches, an observation building and a helicopter pad

One last important thing to note: this is an ecotourism resort, which has achieved Australia's highest ecotourism certification. As you move around the island, be mindful of protecting the environment, nurturing and maintaining this stunning part of the Great Barrier Reef.
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