Go in search of the snow-white dream in the Swiss town of Zermatt

The beautiful little town of Zermatt, located on the slopes of Switzerland, not only has fresh air but is also known as an enchanting paradise for those who love skiing.
For Swiss tourists , Zermatt will definitely be the most attractive stop because it offers many great experiences that anyone should not miss. Although this is a small town, its popularity is not inferior to other attractive Swiss tourist destinations such as Lucerne, the village of Bettmeralp or Blausee's emerald lake . Because the place has the towering Matterhorn and a ski paradise awaits visitors from all directions.

The first attraction of this small town is the Matterhorn Peak in the Alps. Its appeal makes any visitor to Zermatt want to really go up near the top of the mountain to see the wonderful scenery here. You will travel by train to reach the Gornergrat Observatory. And if you are passionate about skiing, Zermatt is really the destination that could not be more suitable. Let's first explore the way and transport to this beautiful Swiss tourist destination !

Road to the town of Zermatt

To get to the town of Zermatt , you can buy a plane ticket and depart from Zurich airport. Because this place is about 248km from Zermatt. In addition, the Geneva airport 244km from Zermatt is also a suitable option. In addition to the plane, many tourists also enjoy taking the train from Zurich or Geneva to Zermatt. This journey takes about 3 hours.

Transportation in the town of Zermatt

As a country with the top quality of air and environment in the world, transportation such as trains and trams are frequently used by Swiss residents. The two public services of this Western-Central European country are also highly appreciated by the world. Especially the train system that covers most of the remote towns.
For that reason, when you come to Switzerland, you should remember to prepare 3 quite necessary things related to transport here: maps, notebooks that note the hours of operation of trains and train tickets. Just notice a little and prepare enough of these, you can travel alone around the town of Zermatt in particular and many other parts of Switzerland in general.

Beautiful autumn in Zermatt.Beautiful autumn in Zermatt.

Zermatt town - peaceful and fresh paradise

Although the town of Zermatt is small, it possesses diverse and unique natural beauty spots. In addition to the Matterhorn peak which seems to reach the green clouds of the Alps and one of the most famous snowy mountains in the world, Zermatt also has thorny terrain, meandering and a snowy winter that brings a strong attraction to the who is passionate about skiing. Every year, this beautiful little town welcomes millions of skilled mountain skiers from all over. They come here in addition to visiting, exploringfamous Swiss tourist destinations , also to satisfy their passion for skiing and to be challenged with diverse and harsh terrains here.
For other visitors, Zermatt tourism is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the peaceful picturesque nature and enjoy the fresh, cool atmosphere. From the first steps to Zermatt, you will feel the serenity, lightness, pollution, no evil of this quiet village. As if this place is a fairytale place on earth, making anyone who has ever been to cannot leave. Visitors here can enjoy panoramic snowy mountains and Zermatt town from above through the observatories built throughout the town.
In an effort to preserve this precious resource capital, the Zermatt town government absolutely banned all kinds of private motor vehicles traveling in the town. That is also one of the reasons locals use only bicycles, buses or on foot entirely.
As a great stopover, a land that appears from the fairy tales of the beautiful country of Switzerland, the town of Zermatt has been giving visitors unforgettable memories, even if you come here by photo. the formula, which means and how long to stay here. Because of this impressive residence and resort, anyone can have a wonderful experience with the scenery, atmosphere, and its landmarks and people.


Gornergrat is one of the tourist destinations in Switzerlandmost famous. With a height of 3000m, this place owns a picturesque view, overlooking the Alps and the lovely valley. Just once admiring this scene, you will "risk" it similarly in your life. To get to the top of Gornergrat, you have to take a train ride high in the cold weather but the luckiest thing is that this train is an unforgettable journey as it is the tallest train in the world and the surrounding views are endless.  After climbing 1500 meters more, you will be warmly welcomed by nature Zermatt by what comes before your eyes. The first is at a staggering 4,634 meters high you can see the highest peak in Switzerland, the second highest glacier of the Alps, and admire Dufourspitze. Gorner Glacier and Matterhorn appeared, making many tourists fascinated.

Seenwag - land of 5 famous lakes

In addition to the journey to discover the majesty and breathtaking beauty of the mountains, your trip to Switzerland will be extremely flawed if you ignore the peaceful lakes nestled among the cliffs because Switzerland is not only there. High peaks but also owns many beautiful lakes such as Blausee jade lake, town between lakes Interlaken , ...
Ideally, it is a walk around the beautiful mountain lakes of Stellisee, Grindjisee, Grunsee, Moosjisee and Leisee. These are the 5 most popular lakes in the town of Zermatt for many different reasons. In it, the first reason is that at Lake Grindjisee, you will find some of the most beautiful flowers that you will never see anywhere else. Matterhorn Lake stands out for its ability to reflect light most clearly compared to the other three lakes, Stellisee, Grindjisee, and Leisee. It can be said that at an altitude of about 2000 - 2500 meters, walking around this beautiful natural form is an unforgettable experience.

Matterhorn glacier paradise

The Matterhorn glacier is not only a symbol of Switzerland, but also of the Alps. Matterhorn Glacier Paradise (Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the word used to name Switzerland's beautiful natural scenery.For Swiss tourists, it is best to see snowy peaks and masterpieces Gorner Glacier from Gornergrat Observatory Whether in many parts of the Arctic or from high mountain peaks there are glaciers and one can see the view from there, but only in Zermatt do they see the river The winding is so beautiful, especially the scenery of glaciers meandering through each mountain peak, creating a landscape that is both magnificent and beautiful.

Matterhorn Museum

Different from the above natural destinations in the town of Zermatt , the Matterhorn museum is a place to visit for those who want to learn and follow the history of the creation of the land known as the snow-white paradise. Because here you will find detailed information about the first historical event or the subsequent tragedy on the mountain in 1865.
 The museum also offers a clear description of the story of how Edward Whymper, along with eight other men, had a tragic accident on the way down the mountain. Many artifacts such as ropes gave way and led to the death of 4 in them are on display. The museum also has exhibits of artifacts describing how Zermatt has evolved over the years, and is reminiscent of the town's daily life from the past centuries.

Great destination for skiing and mountain climbing

Many visitors say that if they come to Zermatt without participating in skiing or climbing here, they feel like they have missed out on a complete tour in Switzerland.
Because the town of Zermatt has ski passes that cater to all three different types of three different heights. The lowest is from Rothorn, at 3100 meters. The Stockhorn and Gornergrat are the starting points for the next area, at 3400 meters. And finally, the tallest one down from the Klein Mattehorn cable car station, Zermatt has long been the ideal place for skiing and mountain climbing in Switzerland. It can be said that snow-covered mountains, clear blue streams, glaciers stretching across the slopes, quiet spaces, traditional wooden houses are lovely scattered along the valleys and heaven. road of skiing ... are the best images of Zermatt when he remembers this land.

Skiing is the activity that attracts many visitors to Zermatt every year.Skiing is the activity that attracts many visitors to Zermatt every year.


Where to go to Zermatt?

Zermatt has a special position compared to many points d u European calendar other is located on 1000m altitude and acres in a valley. Different from Geneva with the vast Leman Lake, the most beautiful parks and fountains in the world or the busy city of Lausenne, ... neither the beautiful and humble town of Zermatt without a concrete house.  It seems that everything here is quite simple, normal life but creates a close atmosphere, brings a peaceful breath and beautiful a peaceful beauty of the rural village but still imbued with Swiss culture .
If you have the opportunity to come here, you should arrange a few days to stay to feel the depth and clarity of a traditional European rural countryside. Especially the motels are designed with wood with typical architecture. One thing to note is that if you want to rent a motel or hotel, you have to rent it for a week or more because it is not suitable for single-day rentals.

What to eat in the town of Zermatt

Coming to the town of Zermatt , you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of famous Swiss chocolate. And not to mention the Toblerone brand with the Matterhorn top print packaging. Even more interesting is the shape of the candy bar that follows Europe's most famous mountain peak. Chocolata Toblerone is not only a delicacy of Swiss cuisine but also considered a symbolic product of the lovely town. Today, delicious Toblerone bars are present all over this country, and there are many confectionery shops around the world that also sell this special candy.
And if you have the opportunity to come here whether on a Swiss tour or going out on your own to Zermatt, do not forget to enjoy other famous delicacies like dip cheese or traditional melted cheese. Besides, the dried meat, cold meat or sausage specialties of the Alps are also very popular with visitors.
In addition, when coming to this elevated resort, tourists also have the opportunity to enjoy traditional Swiss meals in a friendly atmosphere of the locals. And if you have a certain opportunity, do not miss the opportunity to participate in exciting activities that are unforgettable with the residential community here. Surely that will be good memories for your trip to Switzerland and your journey to visit the town of Zermatt .
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