Discover Swiss cuisine during Christmas and New Year celebrations

Food is one of the things that you must definitely experience when traveling to a certain country. Are you curious what Swiss people eat during the Christmas and New Year holidays?
The time of the old year passes, the new year comes, the country of Switzerland wears a brilliant new shirt to blend into the bustling Christmas atmosphere of all over the world. Everyone is busy preparing for the Christmas celebration, decorating the houses, decorating the Christmas tree, wrapping small and pretty gifts, and cooking special dishes ...
Traveling to Switzerland to welcome Christmas and the new year , do not forget to enjoy delicious food !

1. Featured Swiss cuisine Christmas

In many countries, every time of the year there will be typical dishes, but the culinary culture  of Switzerland is different, there is no traditional Christmas dish. Each region has its own Christmas dishes and even those regions often have a variety of dishes to choose from, which is understandable because Switzerland is a multicultural country, with a cultural mix. 
Even so, during Christmas holidays, the Swiss still maintain the tradition of gathering together on the table to enjoy food, share joy and bond together, and often will take place. 
Most families will meet in the afternoon, start the celebration with a drink and then dinner. When the meal is over, they gather together, light a decorative candle on the Christmas tree (Swiss people often use real candles to decorate the Christmas tree), listen to or sing Christmas songs, enjoy cakes and opening presents.

Discover Swiss Cuisine Christmas and New YearSwiss people often gather together and enjoy a delicious meal on Christmas holidays

Swiss Christmas cuisine has a number of signature dishes such as: Fondue Chinoise (thinly sliced ​​meat dipped in molten cheese), or Fondue Bourguignon (meat cubes cooked in hot oil) and Filet im Teig (a piece pork fillet combined with sausage, ham and wrapped in a layer of crackers), Schinkli (smoked ham), potato salad, vegetables ...
The Swiss usually enjoy more than one Christmas dinner, depending on the number of relatives visiting. And some of the above-mentioned main dishes will appear in turn during these dinners (meaning that each meal will have a main dish, which can be Fondue Chinoise or Fondue Bourguignon, or Filet im Teig or Schinkli ), if you eat all of these in one meal, it's too much.
There are also dessert fruits such as mango, pineapple, banana, kiwi ... and multi-layered cakes.
The dinner took place in a joyful and warm atmosphere, with tinkling bells and funny Christmas music.

2. Some typical Swiss Christmas cuisine

Fondue Chinoise cheese hotpot

As we all know, Switzerland is the kingdom of cheeses. In Switzerland, people can process up to 400 different types of cheeses with excellent quality and taste. A cheese hot pot dish will be a typical dish of Swiss Christmas cuisine .
A beautiful little pot placed on top of the stove, people will cut cheese balls here to melt them. On the table are toppings such as ham, potatoes, tomatoes, salads, ham ... people use fork skewers on food to dip into a pot of molten cheese, then enjoy. Cheese hotpot is often served with crispy toast.
A Christmas evening sitting by the stove and enjoying a hot cheese hot pot is nothing more than wonderful.

Fondue Bourguignon fried meat

Well, it seems that Swiss people really like to cook food while enjoying it right on the table. This will keep the dish warm throughout the meal. This is due to the extremely cold climate of this country, experience  traveling to Switzerland in winter , you will feel this cold.
There is a pot filled with cooking oil right on the table, the diners will dip the meat skewers into this pot, wait for the main thing and enjoy.
It is quite similar to the Vietnamese hotpot, but instead of dipping in a pot of broth, they dip in cheese or cooking oil.

Filet im Teig

A traditional dish in Swiss Christmas cuisine that is loved by many people is Filet im Teig, and is often eaten very often at Christmas meals.
The preparation is as follows: large sliced ​​pork is wrapped in a thin layer of ham, accompanied by mushrooms, chopped chives, finally covered with a layer of cake dough and served to bake.


This is a smoked ham, served with a salad of potatoes or vegetables. Honestly, compared to the above-mentioned dishes, Schinkli is quite simple.
In addition, Schinkli sometimes cooks quite similar to Filet im Teig, a thick layer of cake on the outside of smoked ham and roasted.

Rippli meat

The delicious smoked ribs cooked with chopped salted pork, served with pasta will be a great dish for Christmas gatherings with relatives.

Pastetli cakes

This is a fairly popular dish during Christmas celebrations in Switzerland . Cake core with many layers of cake stacked and then baked, that is why the outside layer is crispy but the inside is quite soft, buttery flavor, often served with mushroom sauce.

Chocolate hotpot

The above mentioned so much about savory foods, now it's going to be sweets and desserts.
Chocolate fondue hotpot is the leading dessert in Swiss Christmas cuisine . Fruits such as strawberries, mangoes, broccoli, oranges, kiwis ... are cut into bite-sized pieces and dipped in molten cocola. Fruit combined with chocolate is nothing as delicious.

Nougat candy

A type of candy made from sugar or honey, combined with roasted nuts and whipped egg whites, sometimes even chopped fruit candies.
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