Bustling Christmas atmosphere in Switzerland

The beautiful country of Switzerland was honored to appear in the top of Europe's wonderful Christmas spots. When the snowflakes flood the way, it is also the time when Swiss people eagerly prepare for the coming Christmas season. Let's explore the Christmas atmosphere in Switzerland!
Like many other European countries, Christmas in Switzerland is considered one of the biggest festivals of the year, the atmosphere of Christmas is filled with curiosity to dispel the cold of the cold winter. People with people, hand in hand walking together, infuse each other with warmth and enjoy joy in the merry Christmas season.
If you are lucky enough to travel to Switzerland in winter , you will have a memorable Christmas season!

1. Explore the Christmas atmosphere in Switzerland

December 24th every year is considered one of the biggest holidays of the year for all people living in Switzerland. From the first days of December, people have eagerly purchased items to start preparing for the coming important holiday. We will see children and parents decorating the Christmas tree together, lighting the tree with sparkling lights, and lots of lovely gift boxes placed under the pine tree.

Bustling Christmas atmosphere in SwitzerlandChristmas atmosphere overflows across the roads of Switzerland

Walking on the streets, you can see the shops are lined with flowers and beautiful Christmas decorations to celebrate Christmas and New Year. They stick pictures of the old man, the pine tree, and attach the bells to the glass windows, which will tinkle when someone opens the door and enters these stores.
You will see lovely little wooden houses appear on the busy streets, they are used to decorate Christmas in Switzerland .
The Christmas market is also one of the "specialties" of the country in Switzerland during the Christmas holiday season. There are many stalls decorated like tiny huts appearing at the fairs. It sells everything in the world, but more than just decorative accessories for Christmas, especially extremely cute Santa Claus costumes.
Closer to the holiday, the street atmosphere becomes more fun, more bustling, Christmas songs resound everywhere, as if in harmony with the eagerness of waiting for the coming holiday.
On Christmas day in Switzerland , families go to church together, children gather together to show each other the special Christmas gifts they were given, voices and laughter are very lively. On the streets, you will also find "Santa Claus" carrying super huge gift bags to distribute gifts to everyone.
After the dinner party, all family members of many generations gathered together by the Christmas tree, they read prayers, talked, sang and read poems to each other, extremely warm and happy.

2. Certain experiences must try when traveling to Switzerland during the Christmas season

There are many great experiences during the Swiss Christmas season that you must definitely do:
- Immerse yourself in the bustling Christmas atmosphere in the cities
Sure, this is an experience you should try when traveling to Switzerland during the Christmas season . All over Switzerland, from big cities to rural towns, people are all preparing for the Christmas festival. Along the streets, you can find sparkling sparkling Christmas houses and shops, and Christmas songs that echo everywhere.
Besides, you can also enjoy very interesting and fun street performances.
- Visit the Christmas villages in Switzerland
A Christmas experience in Switzerland you should not miss is visiting the beautiful Christmas villages in the high mountains of Switzerland. In these beautiful little villages, fairy light is sparkling, the roof is covered with white snow and decorated with sparkling flower lights. Here you will really feel touched with the spirit of Christmas extremely warm.
Several alpine resorts in Switzerland offer attractive new year and Christmas holiday packages. Imagine, the morning after Christmas, waking up in a log cabin in the mountains and enjoying the snow falling through the window, alas there was nothing better than that.

Bustling Christmas atmosphere in SwitzerlandVisit the Christmas villages in Switzerland

- Visit fun Christmas fairs
At Christmas fairs in Switzerland , this is a place where people can freely shop for beautiful decorations, tourists can choose the perfect souvenirs to bring. Give it to my dear friends. In addition, the stalls also serve a lot of hot drinks so you can recharge your hungry stomach after a long day of walking around enjoying the Christmas atmosphere.
- Experience ice sports during the Christmas season
Traveling to Switzerland in winter, ice sports is a must-try experience. You can visit high mountain areas such as Jungfrau, Alps, Zermatt, St.Moritz… to experience climbing, skiing, ice skating.
- Go to church on Christmas holidays
Visiting churches in Switzerland for Christmas is a wonderful thing. Ancient churches with exceptional architecture are well worth admiring. Besides, the warm Christmas atmosphere at the church will also make you feel extremely happy and peaceful.
- Enjoy great Christmas shows
In the city of Zurich , a particularly attractive Christmas program takes place on the premises of the Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum), which is the program telling the Christmas story through a fanciful shimmer show. 
- Enjoy Swiss cuisine during the Christmas holiday season
Traveling to Switzerland on Christmas, you must definitely enjoy Swiss Christmas dishes such  as cheese hot pot, Pastetli, Rippli or Chrabeli, and especially chocolate - famous culinary specialties of the country Swiss incense.


Celebrating Christmas in Switzerland , you will experience the most wonderful things. So whatare you waiting for, book a tour to Switzerland this winter to welcome Christmas now!
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